What People Are Saying

“I LOVED my Elevator Pitch coaching session with Didi! She gave me exactly what I was investing in: the ability to see the skills of who I am as a photographer and fabulous phrasing ideas that capitalize on my photography service. First, Didi gave me an opportunity to hear my own voice as listened to how I described myself both personally and as a professional photographer. Then Didi was able to reflect back through her own business language what I said. That feedback loop will absolutely help me reframe and strengthen my elevator pitch. Thank you, Didi!”

- Kathleen Dreier Photography

“I have heard DIDI speaking a few times. Every time she exceeded my expectation! Didi Is a heart centered speaker. When you hear her speak, you can’t help but feel so inspired! Such inspiration not only lies in the message that she shares, but also in the way her energy carrying these messages out to the world! Public Speaking , Inspiring People, Serving the world through her voice and story telling is definitely her gift. And when someone has a passion for it, we can also feel it!!! Thank you DIDI for contributing and adding so much value to our Athena Sisterhood!”

- WeiLi

“I had the pleasure to be in one of Didi's talks and she is OUT of this WORLD! She is able to engage an entire audience and she always add sooo much value, her approach and way to make concepts easy to understand and remember make her talk simply amazing. I love hearing her, learn from her and model after her.... She is one of the strongest speakers I know... she simply blew my mind away”

- Joanna Mercado

“When I lost my job, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a speaker.  I reached out to Didi through LinkedIn and I instantly got a discovery call.  After we talked, Didi saw my potential and understood my predicament with being unemployed.  She connected me with my first networking group.  I was also gifted Didi's Semi-Scholarship.  She helped me get my speaking career started and build my connections.  Didi suggested I speak at the Best You Expo.  She helped improve my Elevator Pitch.  She supported me throughout the process and gave me exposure to continue my speaking/coaching career.  I am so grateful and thankful for what I have learned from Didi and will take the lessons throughout my career.  She is a wonderful mentor and knowledgeable when it comes to speaking and business mentorship.”

- Laarni Mulvey

“We have a global community of amazing women called Athena Sisterhood and we had the wonderful opportunity to feature Didi in one of our workshops, Athena’s Empowering Voice. In the 4 weeks she spent with us, she shared her tools, wisdom and insights with us to help us find our voice and hone in on our 60 second elevator pitch. Her e-book, “How To Perfect Your Elevator Pitch” was so helpful! Most importantly, she taught us that speaking our truth and being our natural, authentic selves are really the best way to show up.  ​ Thank you, Didi, for bringing your positive, exuberant energy with us to empower our community even more.  This is what the world needs more of and you’re doing your part to pass the light and best yet, to BE the light!”

- Jonalyn Cruzada

“Didi is a wonderful, full of life, entrepreneur who also happens to be raising 4 children with her adored husband. I met her at The Best You Expo and participated in her Workshop about How To Pitch Oneself. She held the space for all of us to hone our expertise and power, much better than before the workshop. I deeply recommend you to attend and see for yourself how you'll improve your speaking skills, and your pitching skills!”

- Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff

“Didi is phenomenal Speaker who speaks and connects through her heart with her audience! I personally experienced Didi’s teaching for Public Speaking and She helped me to get over my fear and brought out my inner essence and gave me very valuable learning which will help me in so many ways!”

- Falguni Yogi

“Didi Wong has a wealth of experience in teaching others how to be be confident on stage and in their message they are sending. She has succeeded in this area and now teaches how anyone can succeed at it.”

- Colleen Biggs

“Thank you so much for your help Didi, it's been so much fun to work with you.  You are such a cool person in so many ways!"”

- Christine Erickson

“I saw [Didi's] talk on Mentoring and it is truly inspiring. I have seen many Leaders talk about Mentoring, however, you are one of the few who actually demonstrated so clearly the power of Mentoring by sharing [Didi's] example. I will remember it as one of the best talks that impacted me I have ever seen. Thank You.”

- Muralidharan Jayaram

“The perfect elevator pitch four week series was an absolutely wonderful experience. I felt very comfortable in the small group setting and gathered a lot of information in such a short period of time. DiDi is an amazing coach and will help you in any way to develop your pitch and be a great leader in your business! I fully recommend this course and anything else that Didi is involved in!!!”