Course curriculum


The fast track in sharing your message to the world!

  • Everything you need to know about speaking & the business of speaking

  • Three types of speakers

  • How to create a great speech?  What is the format?  Is there one?

  • Storytelling

  • Delivery,body language & facial expressions

  • All the questions to ask an organizer before stepping on stage

  • How to turn speaking into the most profitable career working only part-time

  • Resources galore for PR, digital marketing, book publisher if you are not an author yet and TV

  • Showcase included

  • Small group setting, private Facebook group & becoming an insider in Didi's huge network

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Yelena Testimonial

Become a Speaker in 60 Days Graduate

Watch Intro Video

Gary Testimonial

Become a Speaker in 60 Days Graduate

“Didi has been my Speaking Coach and what an amazing inspiration she is! I've learned from the BEST! She is truly a powerful, poignant and passionate person as well as speaker. It is an honor to know Didi and be guided by her expertise and kindness. I have grown confident in the process of speaking, and how to really "presence myself" and be in my authenticity as a ripe, wild and fierce feminine woman. Thank you Didi for being who you are, you're a gift to this world and I couldn't recommend you highly enough for not just speaking to an audience, but as someone who cares deeply about others' highest good.”

Founder and CEO, Susan Elizabeth Coaching

Susan Elizabeth